IAG MAP Sensor Adapter For 2005-09 Subaru LGT & 2008-14 WRX

Price: $44.99
Brand:  IAG Performance
Product Code:  IAG-ENG-5051
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IAG Map Sensor Adapter

The IAG Performance Map Sensor Adapter enables you to go beyond the limits of 23 psi with your Subaru. The OEM map sensor is limited to 23 psi and if you want to exceed that pressure, you are required to install an aftermarket MAP sensor*. Our adapter Features 1/8 inch NPT female threads, which permits the use of various MAP sensors. We frequently use the AEM 3.5 bar sensor. ** A vacuum line hose barb points adjacent to the sensor and allows you to re-use your existing map sensor line.

Our map sensor adapter is engineered and manufactured in our facility in Westminster, Maryland. Each product is machined from a single piece of 6061 billet aluminum and then anodized black for a protective finish. Each adapter features our laser engraved piston logo.

Each adapter includes two zip ties to secure the vacuum line.

*Any aftermarket sensor will require tuning.

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