Aluminati Short Ball Shift Knob 5MT Delrin

Price: $37.99
Brand:  Aluminati
Product Code:  ALU-SHORTY-DEL5MT
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Aluminati Short Ball Shift Knob 5MT Delrin

The Short Ball was designed to provide a very quick short throw and look good while doing it. The diameter is slightly smaller than OEM shift knobs and all styles have been sanded for a smooth finish. This version is machined from black delrin and is great for those winter drivers as it's a neutral temp material.

- Machined from black delrin (perfect for winter)
- 1.74" Diameter
- Weighs 69g or .15lbs
- Incorporates shift boot collar
- Fits 5MT (M12x1.25)
- Made in the USA

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