Stoptech Rear Performance Rotor, 04 STi (One Rotor)

Price: $109.45
Brand:  Stoptech
Product Code:  ST 125.47020
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Stoptech 04 STi Rear Performance Rotor (One Rotor) **non-directional - side doesn't matter**

Centric 125 Series High Carbon Brake Rotors contain an advanced metallurgy that greatly reduces the possibility of pad squeal especially with higher friction, European style brake pad compounds. Proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloys resist rotor cracking during high performance use or repeat stop situations. This alloy also increases the friction couple improving brake performance and stopping power. Increased Chromium and Carbon content is also more resistant to oxidation.

• Symmetric split core castings for Increased strength and stability
• Black E-Coat anti-corrosive coating protects the cooling vanes and mounting surfaces from rusting prematurely
• Double disc ground friction surface finish
• Mill balancing ensures smooth operation at all speeds

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