Competition Clutch OE Replacement Clutch, 06-11 WRX / 05- LGT

Price: $556.00
Brand:  Competition Clutch
Product Code:  comp15026-STOCK
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Stock Clutch Kit 06-11 WRX / 05- LGT

This Competition Clutch Kit is meant to be a stock replacement and can handle all the things that you threw at your clutch the first time, but better. This replacement clutch kit also includes a new flywheel so you don't have to worry about ripping yours off, lugging it to the machine shop, wait a couple days for Fred to resurface it, walk back to the machine shop, walk back home in the snow going uphill both ways, and install it back onto your car so you don't have to walk any where. So thank you, Competition Clutch, for including the flywheel in this kit.

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