OTL Spec Blocks

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OEM Subaru EJ257
OEM Subaru EJ25 Short Block This is a factory replacement EJ257 short block assembled by Subaru w..
EJ25 OEM Case "The Virgin"
Rated up to 450 whp / 30 psi "The Virgin" EJ25 Short Block w/ Forged Pistons & Rods This E..
EJ25 Closed Deck "Bumped Up"
Rated up to 700 whp / 30 psi "Bumped Up" EJ20 Closed Deck This EJ20 short block incudes: ..
EJ25 Closed Deck "All The Beans"
Rated for 700+ whp / 30+ psi "All The Beans" EJ25 Closed Deck This EJ25 short block includes:..
EJ25 Closed Deck "The Grudge Racer"
Rated for 900+ whp / 30+ psi "The Grudge Racer" EJ25 Closed Deck This EJ25 short block incude..