GrimmSpeed 02-03 Subaru STI Scoop TMIC Splitter

Price: $199.00
Brand:  GrimmSpeed
Product Code:  GRM 093074
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TMIC Splitter - Subaru 02-03 STI Scoop

OEM Splitter choking your TMIC? Fix that.

Tired of popping your hood only to have that ugly OEM Splitter remind you of how badly it deprives your fancy TMIC of the cool, ambient air that it requires? Perhaps you’ve upgraded to an STI scoop and want to really make use of that extra air? Maybe you’ve already got an STI splitter but want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your top mount. After frustrations with this and more, the GrimmSpeed team has the real solution. Well, five real solutions. Introducing, the GrimmSpeed TMIC Splitter lineup.

Quick Specs
70% Increase in flow capacity to your TMIC - Massively improves your TMIC's ability to remove heat
Maximizes TMIC Efficiency - Lowers TMIC outlet temps, enables more aggressive tuning
Designed for even flow distribution - Forces entire core work to cool the hot charge air
CAD design and simulation - Ensures both fitment and function
CNC Laser Cut 5052 Aluminum - Resists fatigue due to heat and vibration
Durable DuPont Black Powdercoat - Protects splitter with an OEM finish
Custom EPDM Rubber Gasket - Provides excellent seal and longevity
3x Intercooler Sprayer Ports - Utilize your STI TMIC sprayer or add one if you'd like

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