EJ257 V4 Closed Deck - Comp

Price: $4,750.00
Brand:  Outfront Motorsports
Product Code:  OUT-SB-V4-COMP

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Outfront's V4 Closed Deck EJ257 - Comp

This Is The Original V4 Closed Deck EJ257 With Forged Internals.
This is for 700 WHP or less and under 30 PSI of boost.

This engine consists of the following parts:
- Seasoned EJ257 case halves
- V4 Closed Deck Process
- Forged Pistons
- Upgraded Wrist Pins
- Wossner I-Beam Rods
- King Performance Bearings
- New OEM Subaru Heat Treated Crankshaft

Piston Options:
- CP SC7420 8.2:1 CR
- CP Custom 8.4:1 EJ255 (D25)
- CP SC7425 9.0:1
- Manley 612000C-4
- JE 291061 8.5:1
- CP Custom For Use W/ EJ20 Head

No Core required!!

What is the difference? V3 Vs V4

The Outfront V3 Block has enjoyed the longest and most successful performance in the Subaru OEM High Performance arena to date, circa 2012, surpassing all other competitions and expectations. So then why produce a V4? With Subaru motors now surpassing the 1000HP mark, the request was, how can we make it even stronger? Our answer is the V4. The difference is the thickness of the insert. The V3 block has an insert that is approximately .400" thick. Note that the factory semi closed deck bridge is only about .300" thick. The V3 insert does not affect cooling. There are some known weak areas of the OEM block when subjected to high boost levels, the V4, then reinforces those areas even more by having the insert further into the block, we have, however, still kept the majority of the insert as thin as possible to aid in cooling. Get the best of both worlds! There are other blocks on the market that think that smaller coolant passages and thicker inserts all the way through is the answer--we disagree. The "thinnest" insert that gets the job done is the right approach to the design and allows for best cooling of the block. With the introduction of the V4 in 2015, we have a max recommended HP of V3 block @750HP, If your target is 750+ you should consider the V4.

This short block is assembled by Outfront Motorsports. Don't forget to order related items such as gasket kit, oil pump, oil cooler, head studs. If you are unsure what to order please send us your build details and we'll make sure you get exactly what you need the first time!

Outfront's Engine Warranty Info and Installation Recommendations

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