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Subaru AVCS Wiring Kit for Bulkhead

This kit is designed to replicate the body wiring needed when you install a 2001-2005 JDM WRX or USDM STi engine with AVCS into a 2002-2005 USDM WRX. Anytime you do an engine swap with a JDM AVCS Engine into a USDM AVCS you will need this wiring kit to make it work.

The iWire AVCS Bulkhead Wiring Kit is built with Tefzel wire to create the best connection possible and sleeved in Raychem DR-25 that can withstand the heat of the engine bay which means our AVCS harness is smaller, lighter, more flexible, and tougher than any other on the market.

The AVCS Wiring Kit comes with a few options:
Bulkhead Basic Kit includes the wires but you do the pinning for the engine and ECU plugs with help from our instruction manual.

Basic Kit with Locks includes the replacement locks for the Cam Crank Knock (Orange Lock) and Main Engine Plug (White Lock). These are commonly broken when pinning the AVCS during installation so iWire has included the locks at a reduced cost!

Compatible Cars:
01-05 JDM STI or WRX into 2002 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
01-05 JDM STI or WRX into 2003 EJ205 (USDM WRX
01-05 JDM STI or WRX into 2004 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
01-05 JDM STI or WRX into2005 EJ205 (USDM WRX)

Check out the iWire blog to learn more about AVCS.

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